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Dental Implants services offered in Downers Grove, IL

If you’re missing one or more teeth, dental implants offer the chance for a permanent replacement. Implant dentistry is a strength of William Grotz, DDS, of OakGrove Family Dental in Downers Grove, Illinois. These procedures can do wonders for dental health, and they can also restore the appearance of your smile. Call the office today to set up a consultation, or use the convenient online scheduling tool to find a time that fits your busy life.
Dental Implants Q & A

Why is it so important to replace missing teeth?

When most people think about a missing tooth, it’s the cosmetic implications that first come to mind. There’s no doubt that missing teeth make it hard to feel confident about your smile, but there are even more important dental health matters worth consideration. 

Each of your natural teeth is anchored within the underlying bone tissue. Each time you bite down or chew you stimulate that tissue, keeping it healthy and strong. Losing a tooth means losing that stimulation. 

The bone tissue beneath a missing tooth can begin to wear away through a process called resorption. That can cause the tooth/bone connection between adjacent teeth to weaken, eventually leading to additional tooth loss. 

Missing teeth also change the dynamics of your bite. This can place undue pressure on your remaining natural teeth, causing them to loosen and perhaps fall out. 

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a permanent option for replacing one or more missing teeth. Individual dental implants consist of a metal post that acts as replacement tooth root. The visible portion of the implant is a custom-crafted crown. Some implant types use a small piece called an abutment to connect post and crown, while others connect directly.   

You can have an individual implant to replace just one tooth or an entire arch of implants supported on just four implanted posts to replace all of your upper or lower teeth. If you don’t have sufficient bone tissue to anchor an implanted post, bone grafting can help build up that tissue to make an implant possible. 

What is the process for getting dental implants?

The planning stage is arguably the most important part of getting dental implants. Dr. Grotz gathers digital imaging to learn more about your tooth and bone tissue. If you both feel that implants are the right treatment option, you’ll schedule your procedure. If you need to have any teeth removed, that process occurs before the implant is placed. 

On the day of your procedure, you’ll receive an injection of numbing medication. This helps you remain comfortable throughout the procedure. Dr. Grotz makes an incision into your gum tissue to access the underlying bone. He then creates a small pilot hole to guide the placement of the implant post. 

Once the post is secured within your bone tissue, Dr. Grotz closes the gums around it. A period of healing follows, giving your bone tissue time to fuse to the implanted post. After a couple of months pass, you’ll return to have the crown attached to the post, completing the implant procedure. 

When you’re ready to book a personalized consultation, call the office to set up a visit, or schedule online in just moments.